Breath of Heaven

"Then the Lord God formed [that is, created the body of] man from the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and the man became a living being [an individual complete in body and spirit]." Genesis 2:7 (Amplified)

Of all the creatures God mad, Adam was the only one he breathed on. He didn't breathe a second time on Eve, because we are one, like God is trinity... we are tri-parts spirit, soul, and body. Man and Woman are one, much like the trinity, neither one is more important than the other, rather complementary.

Human life is particularly precious and worth safeguarding because we are God-breathed miracles, the crown of creation.

How incredible it is that we were given God's breath of Heaven, into our lungs.

Ours is a worthy cause, to safeguard life, because God formed us so uniquely and personally. He could have spoken us into existence but instead He chose get down into the dust and breath.

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They say: “A fetus is not a human, it’s just a clump of cells or a blob of tissue.”

Have you heard the argument, “A fetus is not a human, it’s just a clump of cells or a blob of tissue”?

A basic understanding of science and biology is enough to prove that it would be inaccurate to say that an embryo or a fetus is not human. At the moment of conception, the fertilized egg has a unique genetic code. It is unique from that of the mother, who contributed the egg and the father who contributed the sperm. The genetic information contained in the DNA of this new individual at conception is “equivalent to a library of one thousand volumes, or six hundred thousand printed pages with five hundred words on a page”. (Alcorn, 65)

Whether it is an embryo or a fetus, a human - even at its earliest stage - is anything but a simple blob of tissue or clump of cells. In fact, before many women realize they are pregnant, the embryo has formed (at varying stages of development) every internal organ that an adult human has.

As early as 5 weeks 5 days from the first day of her LMP (last menstrual period) a woman can come to the Alight Center to have an ultrasound. At this point the embryo is only 3 weeks 5 days old and a heartbeat can be detected. At an incredible rate an embryo grows according to the directions found in that very complex genetic code that is created at fertilization. Here is a simple timeline of the speed and specificity in design of each individual human in the womb.

  • Fertilization occurs 2 weeks after LMP
  • Implantation in the uterine wall occurs 3 weeks after LMP - 7 days after conception
  • A blastocyst as developed into an embryo 14 days after conception
  • 14 days after conception a woman will be expecting to have her next menstrual period
  • 18 days after conception the heart is forming and eyes developing
  • A heartbeat can be detected at 21 days after conception —> This is the moment an Alight Center client can receive an ultrasound.
  • At 28 days arms and legs are budding
  • By day 30 the brain is developed and blood is flowing through veins
  • After 35 days from conception you can see the mouth, ears, and nose taking shape
  • A skeleton is formed by day 42 and brain waves can be detected

This is all before 8 weeks from fertilization, when the unborn is no longer considered an embryo, but is now called a fetus.

Regardless of what this tiny human is called, it is still a tiny human and abortion ends that unique, complex developing human life.


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Growing in 2023

Thanks to Dr. Maben’s Medical Office located at the Alight Center, women are able to receive no-cost pregnancy tests, ultrasounds, and STD/STI testing and treatment. Diana Deleon, RN joined our staff in 2019 and has been the Nurse Manager since 2020. In addition to providing medical services to Alight Center clients, Diana is building relationships within our community in an effort to create a network of help to those we are committed to serving. By working with community organizations; college, high school, and middle school medical offices; local Ob/Gyns; family doctors; pediatricians; and hospitals she is building connections and in-roads to reach those women facing unintended pregnancies.

In order for Diana to accomplish this, medical office hours have increased from 10 hours a week in 2022 to 30 hours a week in 2023. This allows for 20 more clients to receive medical services each week. It also provides Diana with more time to interact with medical personnel and community leaders in our area.

We have already begun to see results from developing these relationships in Columbia and Greene County. Just this week the Alight Center received a referral for a girl who is choosing to carry her baby and is interested in learning more about adoption. We are hopeful and encouraged by the positive responses that both Diana and Jennifer (Alight Center Director of Client Services) have received from those they have met with.

We are excited to see Alight’s reach expand in 2023. But just as growth means we will have the opportunity to empower more women and men to make life-affirming choices, it also requires an increase in our budget. For 2023, we have budgeted $36,000 for Diana's salary. This breaks down to $3,000 per month, $750 per week, or $200 per day. 

The Alight Center is looking for donors to sponsor a day, a week, a month, or even a year’s salary to insure our Nurse Manager is able to meet the needs of women as Alight’s visibility grows. Together, we will make a great impact in New York State.

How far will your impact reach today?

Click Here to Give a Gift and Save a Life.


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David & Goliath

By Christina Bennett, Board Chairperson

 David was completely overlooked but went to gather food for his family as his dad said. However, Goliath was a known champion and the army of Israel was in fear for their lives.

David was so gutsy and realized who he was and said, “For who is this uncircumcised Philistine that he should defy the armies of the living God?” 1 Samuel 17:26. But he was discounted again and asked to tend his sheep.

David recounted his past victories to Saul and said let me fight. “Your servant killed both the lion and the bear; and this uncircumcised Philistine shall be like one of them, for he has defied the armies of the living God!” 1 Samuel 17:36.

I think it’s worth noting that, not only was Goliath a giant, about 12 feet tall, but he even had a person in front of him as a shield guard to protect himself. David attempted to use Saul’s armor, but he wasn’t used to it.

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