Donate for Life

The mission of the Alight Center, Inc. is to empower as many individuals as possible in the greater Columbia, Greene and Dutchess County areas to make healthy life choices related to their sexuality and child bearing, consistent with a culture of life. We do this by providing medical consultation and support services for pregnancy, pregnancy loss, post-abortion, and community education programs.

About the Alight Center

Alight was established in 1991 by Debbie Daus and a group of faithful Christian men and women who answered the call to do more for women dealing with an unplanned pregnancy. Alight’s first residence was in the rectory of St. Nicholas Church in downtown Hudson. Two more moves brought Alight to its present location at 192 Fairview Ave, adjacent to Planned Parenthood.

Alight has worked diligently over the last few years to become a place that helps women and men fully understand their choices by being able to see life in the womb.

In July of 2010 a medical office, housed at our Center, was opened and we now have the privilege of being able to offer referrals for free limited obstetrical ultrasounds and pregnancy testing. We have also expanded our medical services to include free and confidential STI testing and treatment. At the Medical Office at Alight we provide compassionate care that empowers informed choices and recognizes the value and uniqueness of each person. We strive to be THE place where individuals who have sexual health concerns, or may be pregnant, find comfort and support as well as the resources they need to thrive. Visit the Alight Center web site for complete information on our center and the services and support we offer.

Purpose and Philosophy

Our purpose is to empower women and help them avoid painful and destructive choices as they go through an unintended pregnancy; choices they may later regret.

We provide a caring, compassionate, and confidential environment in which women can explore their resources and express their feelings, fears and concerns. We serve all women regardless of age, race, creed, and marital or economic status. Alight is committed to serving each client with integrity and truth.

We strive to educate, encourage and empower women to make safe and healthy choices for themselves and their child. Our hope is that no woman would feel that abortion is her only option. We believe that all life has God-given value regardless of the circumstance.

We do not provide referrals for abortions or abortifacients.


Alight is supported by individuals, groups, churches, private grants, and local businesses. We also depend on various fundraising projects such as our annual banquet, baby bottle coin drive and Mother’s Day rose sale.

We are a 501(c)3 corporation and do not receive any government funding.


Alight is an affiliate of Heartbeat International; a non-political, inter-denominational, Christian associate of life-affirming education and pregnancy service providers. We are also affiliated with NIFLA (National Institute for Family Life Advocates) who provides pregnancy centers with legal and educational information.